Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Have I abandoned the blog? Not intentionally. I think I last drafted a post around Halloween and got incredibly frustrated trying to upload a few pictures so I gave up and never came back to it. I went ahead and published the old post today, but am still struggling with the photo uploads. So I don't know. Seems like lots of photo-folks use TypePad, which is a blog service that charges, but is maybe more photo friendly. So we'll have to see where this goes.

We've been busy since I last posted. We went to Kansas in early November and Hayden was a very handsome ring-bearer for Miss Shelley's wedding. And Mom exhausted herself by taking pictures for over 12 hours, but with some nice results. Unfortunately, I'm not having any luck uploading here, but at some point I need to put some on our KodakGallery page to share.

Beyond that, I've been keeping busy taking Christmas pics for friends on weekends. I'm excited to start getting the December mail because I may be up to 8 or 9 friends that might be using my pictures for their cards this year. Which is just really so flattering for me to be able to share my love of taking pictures and give something to my friends that they want to share with others. Now if I can only finish our pictures. I think we're going to try a family pic this weekend, but I spent two hours on Sunday trying to get a nice shot of the boys together and was unsuccesful. Any time Hayden would sit down near Trevor, he would start to scream and push him away. I can't explain it, but he wasn't having a great cuddle with the big brother kind of day.

Speaking of Hayden, he started preschool on Monday. So far so good. I'm in lovely Midland, TX tonight for a business trip, but the report from the house was that he didn't want to leave school today. I'm just so happy with the school itself and all the teachers, kids, and other parents seem great so we're just so fortunate to have gotten such a great opportunity for our boy. I posted some pics from his first day on the KodakGallery site, but I'll give it one last chance to post one here too: