Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Down for the count...

Sorry belly fans, no pictures this week, or any time soon probably. I went to the doctor last Tuesday because I was having pretty frequent contractions. He checked me out and determined my cervix has already softened and effaced, which is a big no-no at 27 weeks. So he checked me into the hospital and I spent last week on a nice combination of magnesium (to stop the labor) and phenegran (for the nausea, but it puts me in a nice near-comatose state). I've been released from the hospital, with a pump that puts terbutaline into my leg 24/7 to try to keep my contractions under control. I get 2 hours per day hooked up to a contraction monitor which then transmits data to a nurse who calls and hassles me about how many contractions I'm having (if it's more than 4/hour, I get an extra dose from the pump and have to monitor for another hour). The rest of my days for the next 8 weeks will apparently consist of bedrest and occasional trips to the bathroom, maybe even a shower once in a while.

Decorating the baby's room? Not gonna happen apparently. Halloween pictures of the young Alex Rodriguez (Hayden) and Derek Jeter (Trevor)? Not gonna happen. Family Christmas card pictures? So sad, not this year. I'm trying to keep positive about this. The goal is to have a healthy baby GIRL who gets to come home from the hospital with me. So if that means 8 weeks of complete and utter boredom, sign me up. I'm with the program. How much I wish we had a laptop computer though. The doctor did tell me Monday that I get a few minutes per day of upright time sitting at the computer. I've just about exhausted that though, so goodbye for now.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm just annoyed today. Can't find anything, too dark to take pictures, backdrop stand is broken. 15 minutes late for a block party and Sean and the kids aren't even awake. Optimism about selling the old house in the first week is fading fast. Skin stretched to the point where it hurts. Boxes EVERYWHERE still. Trevor got first stitches this weekend (metal baby gate fell on back of head); questioning legitimacy of pediatrician who sews skin closed using child's own hair. Ready to throw out everything that isn't unpacked yet. Not interested in meeting new neighbors. Blech! One of those days.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Still experiencing technical difficulties...

The Comcast guy finally came, but apparently wasn't the right guy. He can only activate existing cable jacks, not install new jacks. Well, we told the person on the phone we needed new jacks. "That's a separate service call. After they install the jacks, I can come back and activate them." Arrrggghhh! Well, with a 1971-vintage house, you don't have cable jacks in every room. We did have one in the den behind where we put the entertainment center, so we were able to watch the disappointing Yankees loss to the non-PC-named team from Cleveland. I especially liked game 2 where they had some bizarre insects swarm the field and attack the players.

ButI digress. The lack of internet at the house, coupled with the massive amount of work to get the old house ready for listing, means that we went another week without the belly pics. But trust me, there's still a belly, and it's darned big. Once I unpack my stand and backdrop and have 20 minutes of free time during daylight hours, I'll take a pic for posting, I promise. The other issue with the pics is that since I include my head and face, it seems like I should shower and dry my hair first. That makes the whole thing a much bigger hassle when you're doing cleaning, moving and unpacking. I think that's why I did the decapitated pictures my first pregnancy. No primping required.

Oh well, off to parent-teacher conference at Hayden's school. Wonder what they'll say about him?

Monday, October 01, 2007


That's what I've been. We made it to NYC and back successfully and closed on the new house and moved in. But the @#*&##'s at Comcast still don't have our cable or internet hooked up so I've been completely offline except for my Crackberry. I haven't done pregnancy pics for the last two Sundays but just take the last pic and adjust the width by 200% and you'll have a good idea of what I look like.

I'm almost glad to be back at work today because the overwhelming pile on my desk is nothing compared to the pile of boxes at the house. But, we're gradually settling in, even though Trevor keeps saying he wants to go "home". I tell him this is our home now, but I don't think he's accepting it just yet. I'm sure it doesn't help that they've been asked to just entertain themselves and stay out of the way for the past week-plus. And their diet has been almost 100% fast food and candy. And their sleep schedule is totally out of whack. But hey, they're kids, they can adjust, right?

Some things I love about the new house/neighborhood:
  • Whole Foods Mkt only 3 blocks away
  • "Fire Engine" park only 5 blocks away
  • Great elementary school ~8 blocks away
  • My work 2.4 miles away

Number of times in my life I am likely to walk or bike to any of these places: ZERO. But it's nice to have such short drives in my future :-)