Thursday, May 22, 2008

5 months...

And loving this baby girl more each and every day. She's such a very good baby. People say she has to be because she's the third child and wouldn't get any attention even if she did fuss. But I don't think that's it. Her disposition is just very mellow and sweet.

She's still refluxing up a storm. So we get to change outfits 4 times while trying to take a few pictures. But even though I get frustrated when she ruins and outfit I've just pulled over her head, I really think that makes her an even better baby. Would you be sweet and happy if you were throwing up 20-30 times a day? She just grins through it all.

I think she's teething. I'm hesitant to say that, because I think I though each of the boys were teething for about two months before any teeth actually appeared. But she has her hands in her mouth constantly and has a nice rash around her mouth from the fire hydrant-like drooling. You won't see the rash in pictures, thanks to Photoshop, just like you missed her baby acne as a newborn.

In other news, Hayden will finish preschool next week. I'm just now starting to think about it. They have a little graduation ceremony where they pass their apple to someone in the younger class (the younger kids are Acorns, the older ones are Apples). I'm hoping to take pictures if I'm not too busy bawling my eyes out.

Anyway, here's a slideshow of pictures from today...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Police

On my way home from my second Police concert in the last 12 months. Who gets to fulfill their lifelong dream twice in one year? Concert was great, I think better than the last mostly because it was outdoors on a lovely evening.

Two observations...1) My head has a lot of useless information buried deep down. Like the words to "Demolition Man". I can't remember my office phone number, but I know the words to a song I probably last heard almost 20 yrs ago? 2) I've said that seeing the Police was my lifelong concert dream. I really got into them when I was a little too young for concert-going. Once I had a driver's license, they had broken up. But I had every song they ever made, even some obscure movie soundtrack ("Brimstone and Treacle" if I recall). And a few were on 8-track. But after having said all this and fulfilled this dream, I must say I would pay almost anything to go see Wham! Live if they reunited. It's socially acceptable to love the Police still, but does anyone other than me long for George Michael and Andrew Ridgely to get back together?

Well, I've probably said too much, but there it is. Maybe this post won't work since I'm typing in the car on my Blackberry.

Can't muster the energy to type. Must go to bed earlier.

Trevor was sick today. Crawled into bed with me as usual when he woke up this morning. Then proceeded to throw up on me. Nice.

The past week was comprised of replacing 3 toilets (managed 2 on our own, had to call in the plumber on the last one), a t-ball party (our little man was named MVP, but I'm more annoyed with the coach than anything), t-ball game, and a birthday party. Tomorrow night we're seeing The Police and Elvis Costello. Here's hoping I stay awake...

A video from the backyard the other day. Might want to turn your sound down or off, since there I couldn't get the song inserted that I was trying to use and you'll have to listen to an annoying barking contest between Malik and the dogs next door...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day, Rounds 1 & 2:

The last few years, we've gone to Lake Charles, LA (Sean's hometown) to visit with his mother for Mother's Day. It's always a nice visit, but the local cuisine really leaves something to be desired if you're a vegetarian like me. All I want for Mother's Day is a big luxurious brunch. Which is hard to come by in Lake Charles. So we decided to visit Grandma Carole on Saturday this year. We had a nice visit and the boys got soaking wet at the new Prien Lake Park. Note to the couple getting married in the little pavillion there: Sorry you had to see my naked children getting dried off in the minivan just next to your ceremony. We parked there long before we saw any signs of a wedding party. But I did wrap Trevor in a blanket and take him into the bathroom rather than letting him pee on the lawn like he wanted too. So I kept you from having that precious memory.

Anyways, here's our L.C. pic from this year:
Back in Houston, Sean tried to accomodate my desire for the big brunch. Unfortunately, they mislead him a little at the Hilton Americas in downtown Houston and pretty much had the regular old low-key breakfast buffet instead of the desired luxurious brunch. I thought I could just suck it up, but after I threw an omlette on the table (Hey omlette guy, when I say lots of melted cheese inside, don't forget the cheese altogether. And when I point out that it has no cheese, don't just throw some grated cheese on top of the now cold omlette), Sean decided that we'd better go Plan B. So we left the Hilton in a huff and walked over to the Four Seasons where all my wildest dreams for the decadent brunch were fulfilled. The children behaved (mostly) and I gorged on yummy salads, fantastic cheeses, grilled vegetables, proper omlettes, and a dessert selection which defies description. And Sean was polite enough not to fall over when the check came. So here's me and my crew doing some Mother's Day bonding.
Hope your day was as lovely as ours...I'll leave you with a quote shared by my brother, the true sentimentalist in the family:
"Whatever else is unsure in this stinking dunghill of a world a mother's love is not."
-- James Joyce

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Home Stretch...

We're in what has to be the home stretch of Sean's turnaround work schedule. I say has to be, because either they start that plant up or I'm telling him to quit because the kids and I are really missing his presence at the casa McLaughlin.

His absence for the past month has helped me discover a higher degree of competence juggling all three kiddos at once. Erika was sick with the stomach flu this week and I actually handled four at once, since I had arranged a playdate for Hayden before she got sick. Picture me, all alone, with Hayden, Trevor, Juliette, and another 5-year old at the bowling alley. I was remarkably calm. I've found they function much better when I actually take them somewhere fun instead of telling them to entertain themselves while I do laundry, feed the baby, etc.

Today, they said they wanted to go to the fire engine park. No problem, says SuperMom. So I proceeded to dress them all, pack up our lunches, pack up the diaper bag, redress Juliette (there's at least one spitting up episode before any outing). Then the boys tell me they want to ride their bikes to the park. SuperMom says "SURE!". We get the bikes, helmets, stroller, lather up with sunscreen, and head out. It's only 6 blocks, how bad could it be? We get to the house 2 doors down from us, and the sidewalk is all chewed up from the street construction. So Trevor is off his trike, asking me to push it. Juliette is SCREAMING, red face, big tears. And all of a sudden, 6 blocks (each way) is looking like a marathon. SuperMom becomes SurvivalMom and we turn around, head home, load our gear in the minivan and head to the park. We still had our picnic and played, but really, you know me and the outdoors, there's only so much I can handle.

Sean got home around 7 pm. He said the towers are up, reactors running, and they should be in the good tanks tomorrow morning. For those of you who haven't spent any time in a chemical plant, this means there's a light at then end of the tunnel. Yay!