Sunday, September 09, 2007

22 weeks...people are starting to feel up my belly

I guess I'm at the point where I'm so obviously pregnant that strangers feel like they're allowed to touch me. Maybe I should write to Miss Manners for some advice. Is "Get your damned hands off me?" a socially acceptable response? Or while somebody is in mid-grope and asks "Is this OK?" can I say "If it wasn't, now would be a little late to ask, wouldn't it?" I just don't respond at all.

I've been remiss in blogging lately. I never even caught up with Hayden's first day of school pictures. This whole house thing has been all-consuming and probably will be for at least another month. Right now we're scheduled to close on Sept 28th and somehow need to find movers, pack our stuff, get our house ready to sell, find a realtor, list the house, etc. etc. etc. between now and then.

We've cut the Northeast vacation short, which probably works out for the best since we didn't have anywhere to stay and don't need to blow any extra cash right now. I'm still trying to find accomodations for while we're in NYC for the Yankees games. I'm seriously considering staying in New Jersey at this point. Gotta love the Garden State, right? I can show the kiddos the cute little Cape Cod house I lived in on River Road in Piscataway. "Look kids, here's where Mommy's car got stuck in a snowbank and people she knew just drove past while she was digging herself out like a dog using nothing but an ice scraper." Oh, the fond memories.

Oh well, need to jet off to Lowe's to see if I can get some cute, cheap light fixtures to make this townhouse say "BUY ME NOW!!!"

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