Friday, April 11, 2008

Impish Charm...

Trevor has this impish grin he uses when he wants to proceed with something he knows he's not supposed to be doing. I know I'm supposed to be firm and consistent, but this look usually just doubles me over in laughter. Oh, and the sing-songy voice he uses doesn't help me stand firm either. He plays me like a puppet.
In other news, we got a bubble machine at Target today and had loads of fun with it. Why did I go to Target for a bubble machine? Because the kids got bubble guns as the give-away at a birthday party today. They wanted to play with them right away, but I said they could only play with them after naps and only if they went to bed quietly and immediately. They were so great about the naps and then when they woke up we discovered that we couldn't open up the f&(*@&ing bubble guns to put batteries in. So off I went with all 3 kids in tow to buy a bubble thing at Target.

You can't blame the party mom. Don't we all give away useless crap at our kids' parties? Who started this tradition anyways? When I was getting stuff for Hayden's birthday, I was grumbling about spending $100 on junk that would be 99% in trash cans within 24-hours. But who can break with tradition? Anyways, here are the boys and their bubbles:


Mama T said...

Trevor, with his bright hair and complexion, paired with the clothes, is spring in a bundle of energy. It's weird but I don't see either you or Sean in him, whereas Hayden is a different story.

allison said...

I like the new look of the blog! Figured I should post something since I stay updated on your blog. Hang in there til Sean's work isn't so crazy!