Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Police

On my way home from my second Police concert in the last 12 months. Who gets to fulfill their lifelong dream twice in one year? Concert was great, I think better than the last mostly because it was outdoors on a lovely evening.

Two observations...1) My head has a lot of useless information buried deep down. Like the words to "Demolition Man". I can't remember my office phone number, but I know the words to a song I probably last heard almost 20 yrs ago? 2) I've said that seeing the Police was my lifelong concert dream. I really got into them when I was a little too young for concert-going. Once I had a driver's license, they had broken up. But I had every song they ever made, even some obscure movie soundtrack ("Brimstone and Treacle" if I recall). And a few were on 8-track. But after having said all this and fulfilled this dream, I must say I would pay almost anything to go see Wham! Live if they reunited. It's socially acceptable to love the Police still, but does anyone other than me long for George Michael and Andrew Ridgely to get back together?

Well, I've probably said too much, but there it is. Maybe this post won't work since I'm typing in the car on my Blackberry.

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Mama T said...

If only we'd had these things going when we lived in Houston. Wham, where are you in the comeback era? I had SUCH a crush on the gay gay gay Georgie boy. Sigh.