Thursday, June 05, 2008

Adding to my list...

Of things I adore about my sweet baby girl.

1) The way she holds her ears when she naps. It cracks me up and makes me melt at the same time.
2) The sweet belly button that forever reminds me of where we were once connected.
3) That crooked smile and sassy tongue.
4) The way she laughs at my feeble attempts at self-portraiture (in the bathroom mirror)
5) The sweetness she brings out in her big brother.
6) And her daddy...

7) The big blue eyes.

That's not nearly all, but in case I forget sometime when you're two years old and impossible, I wanted to remind myself.

Speaking of two, Trevor will only THREE on Sunday. Shocking, isn't it? Erika took him to the mall today to make his own teddy bear and he's spending the night at her house. I keep thinking they'll show up at the door any second now, but sadly, I think he's fine without us. Not even a phone call. I gave him several chances to change his mind before they left, but he was steadfast. Sniff, sniff.

In other news, it seems that I'll be returning to work in the not-so-distant future. My boss called me this week and said that someone is leaving my group and they'd really like me to take over his responsibilities if I'd consider coming back sooner than planned. So I've agreed to work 2 days per week starting in early July. I'm hoping that still gives me some quality time at home with the kids this summer. I'm scared though. So many people tell me that part-time work takes over your life and you get full time work for part-time pay. And it appears that my benefits as a part-time employee are worse than being on completely unpaid leave of absence. How's that for screwy? But seeing as I only worked for my company 6 months before I took off 18 weeks of paid disability, 4 weeks of vacation, and another 16 weeks of unpaid leave (if I go back in July), it probably isn't unreasonable of them to ask me to consider helping out a little.

But waking up early? Showering? Not being able to hold and smell that sweet girl all day? OK, I'm not talking about it. It's making me sad already. I know, I know, I'm lucky to have six solid months with her, but it's still just a little heartbreaking.


Mama T said...

That little pip is so bright and beautiful, I can see the reason for the struggle to return to work despite what work has done and offers. She is so lovely. And what a stunning self-portrait - you look so beautiful, LM, and happy.

Vito said...

Juliette is totally cute. Pictures are great but can't wait to meet her for real.

On another note, just because you CAN have your blog make noise, doesn't mean that you SHOULD.