Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One to check off the list...

I don't have the ingredients for our Thanksgiving dinner, but I did manage to get the kids to the mall for the annual Santa picture. Here they were in the car on the way to the mall.

Juliette didn't know what she was getting into...
Hayden scowled at me, until I told him Santa doesn't bring presents to boys who make mean faces at their mother.
Trevor was a little pumped up this year. A nice change from the frightened screaming of yesteryear.
How adorable are these two?
Hayden loves Santa.
Here was the shot from the mall people:
And this was mine.
All in all, not a bad Santa visit. Not a cryer in the bunch.


Vito said...

Great pictures but one question: How come the outfits don't match?

Anonymous said...

I am jealous - I just mention going to get a pic with Santa and Jack practically starts to cry. Sealy would have gone for it, but Jack clearly steered her in the wrong direction! Will is still pretty much game for anything!