Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Round 20

Sometimes, I mistakenly think of a round of chemo as a round of a boxing match, where it's me vs. the chemo in the ring, fighting each other. But truly, the chemo is in my corner, battling the cancer on my behalf. And so today I give thanks. 

Thank You, God, for this blessed day to be alive and spend time with the people I love. Thank You for the gift of chemotherapy. I give thanks for the brilliant scientists and doctors who have worked tirelessly to develop these drugs that sustain my life.  I pray for the souls of the brave pioneers who came before me and participated in clinical trials to prove the safety and effectiveness of the medicines I receive today.  I give thanks for the medicines which help limit the side effects of my chemotherapy and allow me to feel strong and healthy while I am undergoing treatment. 

 Bless the hands of the nurses, doctors, assistants, and volunteers that guide me, comfort me, and care for me at the hospital. Thank You for the blessing of health insurance that enables me to afford these treatments.  I know my healthcare costs could easily save lives of many afflicted people across the globe. I struggle to find myself worthy of such expensive treatment when there are so many with problems bigger than mine. Help me to remember Your grace and blessings in my life and find a path to make my time here worthwhile. 

Thank You for the physical and mental support of my family, friends, and strangers who touch my journey. I have never once felt alone on this road and I am thankful for their comfort.  May I be fortunate enough to be a blessing to others as they have been to me. 



Anonymous said...

You are a blessing and an inspiration...thank you for sharing your strength and hope with those of us who need it.

Art Usher said...

Your expansive view past your own suffering is a tribute to you, and I am happy to know that you have have never felt alone through the misery of surgeries and chemotherapy. Every day that we get to keep you is a blessing.

With love,
Your brother

Anonymous said...

Praying for you.

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