Sunday, July 29, 2007

Not much change... The week to week pictures never look any different, but alas, I will continue to degrade my dignity by posting these whale images. It's funny because generally I think of myself as the palest girl alive, but next to Trevor I look tan. So maybe I ought to pose with the kids more.

Spent the week in San Ramon, CA. Lovely area if I wasn't in meetings all day. I didn go down to San Jose one night to meet Sean's sis Kim and family for dinner. It was a nice visit and I see what draws people out there despite the outrageous housing prices.

But my focus now is the outrageous housing prices in the Houston inner loop. There's a house for sale across the street from Michele (wouldn't that be ideal!?!) and it's being sold as a tear-down for over $800k. Good school district and easy commute to work for me. But still, $800k for a tear-down!! I keep telling myself to wait and see where Hayden gets into kindergarten before we decide to commit to the expense of a really expensive school district. All our hopes pinned on a 4 1/2 yr old. No pressure Hayden, really.

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