Thursday, August 07, 2008

Juliette found another tooth in her mouth today. More pictures here...obviously another productive day.

And in other news, I handed my paycheck to the plumbers who make more in 6 hours than I do in 2 weeks. Why did I go to college for 6 years??? Oh, that's right, I was getting paid while I took the picture above and the plumber has to dig in my sewer pipe to get paid. OK, maybe that's fair, but I'm so tired of spending money fixing things around this house and having no visible improvement. Oooh, a new hot water heater...the dangerous leaking gas valves replaced...the gas valves at floor level that the crawling baby can open capped off...YEAH, YEAH, it's all important, but not as exciting as some curtains or furniture.

The electrician is next...GFCI's...YAY! Now that's a party waiting to happen.

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