Thursday, August 21, 2008

Show me some love people...

OK, we're going on 20 posts and over 2 months without a single comment. So it must mean nobody reads the blog, so I should just abandon it, right?


Anna said...

I was just thinking that I should leave a comment, because I never do. Please continue.

I love the pics so much. It makes me feel like we are really not that far away.....


Vito said...

Point taken, so here it goes:

- You do look a little bit alike but since the picture of you is so blurry, it's hard to say.

- Keep your dogs away from the baby. Yuck.

- The gas leak thing would have FREAKED me out. No way could I have waited any length of time. I would have been turning the shit off at the main valve.

- I would feel guilty to, but hey...good pictures.

- No opinion on fish.

- Erica's dog is SUPER cute. What's his name? My Aunt Sissy had one just like this guy.

Mama T said...

I read your blog, all the time. That baby picture of you looks! Personally, I think your wee girly looks more like herself. See ya!

cuz said...

actually i was wondering how you found that song to go with the Juliette/Malik slideshow. Don't stop the blog,it is my only entertainment!!!!