Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chemo day 1

Not so bad overall. Got my bolus doses of oxaliplatin and 5-FU over about a 4 1/2 hour period along with some meds to manage the side effects. Lots of lines and bags. Slept a bit early on from one of the meds (some anti-anxiety stuff I think). Biggest complaints: no wireless or cell phone service and Sean somehow broke my laptop about 20 min into "Love Actually". Since I didn't have a contingency plan, this left me with nothing to do except the needlepoint bookmark kit I found in the lobby. So next time I'll be better prepared with low tech entertainment like books and magazines.

So now I'm infusing the 5-FU (who besides me gets a chuckle from the name?) at home for another 46 hours. Then I go back to MDACC on Friday afternoon to get disconnected. So really, everything is better than expected so far. I hope the nausea stays manageable even off the IV meds. The nurse said the fatigue from the oxaliplatin typically kicks in about 24 hours after infusion. So Trevor and I have some nap appointments scheduled. I think we're up to the task.


Anonymous said...

Okay, didn't see the pictures when I viewed the note on fb. Again, glad it went fairly well. How in the world do you look so amazing??
Love you,

Renée said...

I'm happy to hear your biggest complaint was boredom. Nap well. Love, Renee

Anonymous said...

Wow! We will continue to send you "strength, anti-nausea, and rest vibes." Let yourself rest as needed, but so glad to hear that overall it was not too bad. I have been reading about the drugs and to be honest, had not even thought about the initials FU, but yes, those are good descriptive initials! Love, Kim

Anonymous said...

Get some rest - you have had a long day and still looking quite amazing (TOTAL agreement with Kathryn).
Always in my thoughts,

Anonymous said...

You are incredible! Please know that we are all praying for you and your family! Sleep Tight.

The Gill Family

Anonymous said...

Holy crap that's a lot of bug juice you have hanging there!

I am glad the first day is over and done with and hope that the rest goes smoothly. Can't believe that place doesn't have cell or internet service! But maybe it is a good thing so you don't have to read/answer all of our texts asking "how's it going?"

Leslie said...

Wow, almost cant see you in the first pic:) You do look great though. Glad it went pretty well. Will pray for low side effects too:) Love the initials too. I did giggle. Take care and rest lots. Love, Leslie

The SullaVinos: said...

Sending you wonderful, relaxing vibes!

cuz said...

Are you allowed to look that beautiful during chemo? Glad it was pretty smooth and pray that it will stay that way.

iCarGuy said...

What a familiar looking room.... great news that the first day went pretty smooth for you. You are looking good by the way. Just keep thinking 'FU'... it does help.
Give Sean a hug for me.

Anonymous said...

yes, you look wonderful, but what I want to see next is your embroidered bookmark! Your talents are endless. Now I hope you can get some rest, Margaret

Anonymous said...

You are so very beautiful Lisa Marie, inside and out!
Love and prayers,
Auntie Carol

Anonymous said...

Lisa, You look absolutely beautiful - your honesty, strength and positive outlook is an inspiration.....and yes, the 5-FU name did bring a laugh out of me!

Anonymous said...

5-FU. Yeah. That's RIGHT.
When my brother-in-law went through cancer treatment, we all developed some great dark comic material. It helps.
Am praying for you.
Love, Varina

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I think of you and Sean and the kids every hour of every day and if there is anything at all I can do, please let me know. I know you must be exhausted from the infusions. If I could do them for you, I would. Love, Auntie Suzy