Thursday, February 12, 2009


I made it through my marathon day at MD Anderson (which will henceforth be referred to as MDACC). Started at 7:15 am, finished around 7 pm. I need to be back tomorrow at 7:15 am. The MRI was the worst part, but it truly wasn't that bad. Just 2 straight hours of lying flat on my back on a hard surface in a ridiculously loud machine. I think the fact that I had absolutely nothing else to distract me made me focus on the discomfort in my back obsessively. Oh, and the itch on my nose I was dying to scratch for 1.5 hours.

I felt good meeting with the doctor for the port surgery. Despite the fact that the thing gets threaded into my jugular vein. That just sounds scary, doesn't it?. This guy has done 5000 ports or something ridiculous and has a really low record of complications. So hopefully no collapsed lung this time, right?

The only downside is that I can't pick Juliette (or the boys) up for 3 weeks while my port heals. So I have to teach Hayden how to pick her up out of her crib or something. As for how to get her into the high chair...I dunno...guess she'll have to eat on the floor if I'm the only one home. The dogs should enjoy that arrangement.

Oh, Sean had to leave me on my own at MDACC for a few hours today because I sent him to take Trevor to the pediatrician. He's been running a fever since Monday night. It's nothing...just baby has pneumonia!!! Probably caught it from me last week. Thanks mom. He's taking it like a champ though.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I should just pick up the phone and call you because you are obviously awake (even though you should be in bed after the day you have had!)

I know what you mean about the MRI- does it really have to be that loud??? And even though I have never had a port put in, I have had a biopsy done through the jugular. You are right, it does seem a little freaky but it will be a cake walk compared to what you have already been through AND it is a little cool to watch on the monitor in a weird kind-of way. Truly. I hope that gives you a little comfort.

Sorry about Trevor. Didn't know the little guy was sick. Hope tomorrow goes well. We are all thinking about you and sending our love.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update -- we thought about you all day. What does Dora say in the masterpiece film "Finding Nemo?" Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...
OK, not too inspiring, but keep swimming, girl. You'll get there!

Mama T said...

I didn't think to mention it, but when I had my MRI done, I was advised to bring in a cd that I really liked and could listen to (over the din). I think I listened to the whole thing and was requesting a repeat when the test ended.
I guess you aren't at all claustrophobic? I could barely stand being in that small space. Freaky.
Little trooper Trevor, he looks so wan and pale in that picture. Nothing some good antibiotics and ice cream won't fix. Here's to a less tiring day for you guys.

Anonymous said...

I also thought of you all day. YOur description of the MRI brought back memories -- me about 1988 (that may have been a pioneer machine). What I do remember was them telling me to be very still and not swallow during the test. Well, immediatley my mouth seemed to fill up with saliva...Then Dave had one a couple years ago. The claustrophobia thing set in, but once he ralized if he looked up and back and could see the outside light, he was better. Good luck this morning with the port procedure. HHs (Half Hugs (with your good arm) to H, T, and J. Hope Trevor feels better soon. Love to my bro also. Kim

Anonymous said...

You and Sean must be so exhausted! I'd like to say something meaningful here, but my words are so inadequate in conveying the hopes I have for better days for the two of you and your children. Instead, I'll just keep sending postive energy and praying for those better days to come SOON!
Lots of love to you, Sean, Hayden, Trevor, and Juliette.
Auntie Carol

Anonymous said...

I loved the Valentine pictures I got of your kids. You are a SuperMom to do all that and work and everything. May God Bless you.

Art Usher said...

Sorry that you experienced such an exhausting day. Hope the weekend is an improvement and that my care package arrived so that you can watch another season of Grey's Anatomy on DVD as well as the first three seasons of House M.D. on DVD.