Friday, June 23, 2006

The Big Boy: Well, it seems that Hayden is growing up. I signed him up for a few days a week at a church day camp so he could have some fun social time without having to go to the park in the oppressive Houston summer heat. Today was day#2 at this program and Sean dropped him off at the school. Apparently, Hayden nearly knocked over some other girl who was having a tearful goodbye moment with her mother. He promptly put his lunch box in the appropriate spot and went to play with the other kids, with a business-like "bye" to Sean. Nice to see he isn't going to be clingy and distraught when it comes time for real school, but a little sad to0...

The Little Boy: Reports are that Trevor has started eating again, ending what seemed like a several day boycott of anything but breast milk. And mind you, he wants that milk straight from the cow, not in any impersonal plastic bottle. He's just so different than Hayden was at that age. Hayden would suck down 8 oz. bottles six times a day plus eat cereal, veggies, bread, cheese, chicken, etc. Trevor takes a bite or two maybe and then clamps his mouth closed and screams bloody murder and swats you away is you try to encourage any more eating. He's only 20th percentile on weight (and something like 75th percentile on height) so I'm a bit concerned, but what's a mom to do? Anyway, the last few days have been better. I mean, at this age shouldn't their instinct not be to starve themselves?

Last night Trevor was playing with the telephone. Why is it that the phone fascinates them so much? Anyways, I need to check every minute or so to make sure that he hasn't actually hit the talk button and called someone accidentally. Our old housekeeping service we let go used to be #1 in the directory and Hayden would always manage to call them and I'd hang up and they'd call right back asking if we wanted them to come and clean. Nice uncomfortable conversation I'd just as soon avoid (fixed this particular problem by deleting them from the phone directory). But with Trevor, if I take the phone away for just a second he just absolutely screams with rage. It's the red-head thing I think. Then I give the phone back and he's perfectly content again. But if I don't give the phone back the rage continues and can't be appeased by any other toy. I've got a sinking feeling this is a sign of things to come in my life. I think I was spoiled by how content and happy-go-lucky the big boy was at this age.

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