Monday, June 19, 2006

Introducing...Barnaby: So Hayden and I went to pick a new fish this weekend. Ended up with a crowntail betta. Quite pretty actually. But the smug boy at the store basically told me we killed the last fish with our poor care. I just followed the (verbal) instructions they gave me when we bought the thing, but he was aghast when I told him we changed all the water out at the same time, something about getting rid of the "good" bacteria and "shocking" the fish. Who knew? But apparently the life expectancy of these things is supposed to be more than 6 months. Bought this one on June 17, 2006. Start counting the days.

Been letting Trevor cry himself to sleep the past few nights. It's working pretty well as long as I don't go in and look at him. I just can't buy the philosophy that you should go in and comfort them every ten minutes (then 15, 20, 30, etc) but not pick them up. If I go in there and don't pick him up, he's way more frantic when I leave then he was before I went in there. So it's got to be completely cold turkey for him. He did turn on his own mobile this weekend. Yes, I know, bad Mommy for leaving the mobile in the crib past 5 months, but he loves the thing. You can't spend your whole life trying to parent by the instruction manual.

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