Sunday, July 23, 2006

Chatterbox: Hayden was a late talker. Worked with a speech therapist from about 18 months old till 2 years old. Then...BAM!...the kid started to repeat everything we said.

Now I'm starting to wonder. Do we have the annoying kid? We had a new babysitter last night, Perla. I was a little concerned that he might not react well and might cry when we left. Nope. The second she walked in the house, he starts yammering. "I'm eating my fish sticks. Then I get to watch my movie. We're going to watch Chicken Little. I went to the dog show today. Dogs were racing around really fast. Pippen and Malik got haircuts today. But Bailey isn't here anymore because he died. Sammy died too, but I got a new fish. His name is Barnaby..." and on and on and on...I'm surprised the girl didn't turn around and run out the front door.

My brother called a few weeks ago and after I talked to him for a bit, I asked him if he wanted to talk to Hayden. He said "That kid? No way, he talks my ear off." Seriously, how do you tell your kid to not talk so much? When he goes to school he's going to drive the teachers nuts. Of course, at least Sean can always say this trait didn't come from him.

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Vito said...

OMG...I was reviewing your blog for a bunch of stuff I missed and I thought this was the funniest thing ever.