Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Where do these comments come from? Hayden was working on his United States puzzle last night (yes, he's a map geek, he doesn't get it from me). So he's got Ohio in hand and says "This is Ohio. Mommy went to Ohio. Her back hurt after she went to the museum and Gigi had to bring her some medicine at her hotel." This was 2 months ago that I went on a trip to Cleveland and talked to him on the phone that night. We haven't spoken of it since then. I had forgotten about it entirely. It's kind of scary how much he remembers. Makes you want to be a little careful what you tell him.

Sean took the boys through the McDonald's drive-thru for breakfast last Friday. Apparently Hayden was chatting away from the backseat, "What time is it Daddy? Is it before 10:30? Are they still serving breakfast? Have they stopped serving breakfast yet? Is it 10:35?" I think my children are going to be scarred for life by my little adventures.

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