Sunday, July 16, 2006

Trevor speaks...The little man is starting to talk a little. Well, mostly he just yells at us in some strange language that none of us can understand. But there are a few real words so far. "Apple" is the most distinct. He's loving the apples these days. Then "up" and "cup" are both pretty clear too. "Goggie" for "doggie" is pretty consistent. Strangely enough, not too much "Mama" or "dada" talk. He has the syllables down pat, but doesn't use them towards us too much. He seems to try to say Hayden's name though, something like "Hay-duh". And he definitely uses "Hey" as a greeting, which is sort of an embarrassing indication of how properly we all greet each other and family and friends. Then we hear the occassionally "Ba Ba" for "Bye Bye" and "Na Na" for "Night Night". All in all, it's pretty neat to hear it all developing. Certainly nice in contrast to the anxious months we spent waiting for Hayden to talk. I'm sure the long term result with Trevor will be the same as with Hayden, where we look at each other one day and say wistfully, "Wasn't he just a newborn yesterday? Why did he have to grow up so fast?"

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Mama T said...

And when will he STOP talking?! I'm tired of being asked 'why' 6 kajillion times per day.