Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Job or career? Once upon a time, when I was younger, I thought I wanted a career. These days, I wish I could just have a job. What's the difference? With a career, it always seems like I'm being asked to do something today for some undefined future reward. Just put in an extra 20 hours a week on this special project for no extra pay and you'll impress people and be open for great opportunities in the future...Great opportunities to do what? Work more long hours?

I want a job. Just a job. Just to come in and do an honest day's work for a reasonable salary. And to be able to go home and be with my family and not worry about the things I've left undone and not get calls at 6 am when something goes wrong at the plant. Am I too naive? Are there any professional jobs out there or is it the full career-woman track or nothing? I just miss my kids sometimes and can't see the logic in working longer hours. I mean don't we work mostly to give our families a more comfortable lifestyle? How much better off are my kids if we have more money but they don't know their own Mother?

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