Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Walking man...Trevor took a few steps on his own last night. Very exciting but kind of scary and sad at the same time. Sad because he's getting big too fast and I just want to freeze him just like he is right now. Scary because once he's walking there will be no stopping him and he's already into everything. For some reason, we never babyproofed the cabinet under the sink when Hayden was little. But I've caught Trevor with the bottle of Comet in his mouth more than once already. Just think how much more he'll be able to get into once he can walk. Yikes!

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Mama T said...

It's amazing how some kids just push that envelope. You know the warning on bags, well, I have never seen Clara do anything remotely suspect with a plastic bag, and she (yikes) plays with them alot. However, little Ryan across the street found and bag, and presto, it was on his head. Time to lock up that cleaning supply cupboard.