Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Status check...

Saw the pediatrician again today. Juliette's bilirubin is up slightly to 16.2 (from 15.5 on Monday), but the doctor says that isn't really statistically significant. On the bright side, she has gained some weight: 4 ounces since Monday (she's up to 6 lb 12 oz). Of course, this means the bottle feeding is working so we're staying the course on that end. But we're free from blood draws till next Monday, which will be a nice relief for the baby girl.

I rented a scale today so I could measure how much she's consuming at each feeding. It's accurate to a tenth of an ounce so you weigh the baby before and after a feeding and you can tell how much they've eaten. Juliette is really sloppy with the bottle a drools half of her milk out the corner of her mouth so I can't tell how much she's taken. And of course, I've had no way of tracking how much she takes if she's breastfeeding. So the scale should help. So far I've measured 3 feedings today and she took almost twice as much from the bottle as from the breast, which is quite disappointing. But the jaundice really zaps their energy so I'm hoping this isn't a long-term issue. You do what you have to do though, right?

Juliette had her first trip to the baby gym today and quite enjoyed it. She seems to have a 20-min period of alertness in the late afternoon. I'm trying to convince her that earlier in the day gives better light for picture taking, but she seems to like 5 pm and 3 am best.

Here she is enjoying herself in the gym:

Here is what happens when the big brothers wake up from their naps and say "I remember this toy!"

But big brothers aren't all bad, and can be especially sweet on occasion.

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