Friday, October 03, 2008

3-year old logic

We saw a woman on crutches at McDonald's this morning...yeah, nothing but the best nutrition for me and my kids...but not the point...

Trevor: "Why does that woman have those things Mommy?"
Me: "Because her foot is hurt and those things help her walk, they're called crutches."
Trevor: "How did her foot get hurt Mommy?"
Me: "I really don't know Trevor."
Trevor: "Maybe a policeman ran over her foot with his police car Mommy."
Me: "Yeah Trev, that's probably what happened."


Anna said...

I think VJ now is into 4 year old logic, but it is not getting much better. Just more convoluted.

The reason would be something like this: Maybe she was driving to the store and the car got broke and then the policeman ran over her foot.

Art Usher said...

I think this is just Trevor's Usher blood coming to the forefront. He realizes that a man born free cannot trust the police state, and that many are its victims.