Tuesday, December 16, 2008

For those of you who like horror movies:

Here is the gruesome shot of poor Trevor's mouth. No, those teeth weren't in that position before the ride down the stairs. Check back in a few weeks and they may not be there at all. He can't bite with those teeth for two weeks in an effort to allow them to heal and firm up. At least one has 80% mobility according to the dentist. Which means hanging by a thin thread.

But he's not due for his permanent teeth for another 3-4 YEARS! So I'm thinking a crooked smile is better than no smile. So I think I'm hoping for the teeth to hang in there. Although I do think that if they turn black that would be gross. I'd prefer no teeth to black crooked teeth.

If you still haven't backed out, you can click on the picture to enlarge. And yes, that is dried blood all over his mouth. Nice touch, eh?


Vito said...

Holy Crap! Glad he's doing OK. Being that you live in a one story home, where did this all happen?

Remember, it could have been worse: it could have been Christmas Eve (like when VJ fractured his leg).

Anonymous said...

Oh gross! Poor kid! I think you'd better hope they fall out - no teeth are WAY much better than dangling black teeth that get all twisty and turny and tangled up in the mouth. I am so sorry! At least you got your Christmas pics done beforehand! right? allison