Monday, December 08, 2008


Mama T is a self-proclaimed list person. I admire that. Me? I'm anti-list. Why do I need to look at the top 10 things I didn't get done today that should have gotten done yesterday. If I had a list, it would look like this:

Presents purchases: ZERO
Gift ideas: ZERO
Christmas cards designed and ordered for other people: FOUR
Christmas cards designed and ordered for self: ZERO
Photo shoots edited for other families: ??20??
Photo shoots edited for my family: ZERO
1st birthday party invitations designed and ordered: ONE (Yay!)
Adorable 1st birthday outfits ordered after begging the woman to please, please accept my order even though it's past the holiday cutoff: ONE (Yay! Again)
Sense of impending doom as the birthday and holiday approach: PRICELESS

If you're reading this, just remind yourself that this blog is my personal gift to you and you couldn't ask for anything more. :-)

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