Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Best Kind of Bums...

Are these ones:
Thanks to the crew affectionately known as the "Bums on the Run" who came out early on a cold Houston morning and walked/ran 5k to raise colon cancer awareness.

Poor dear Michele got tripped up at the end (some say I shoved her down to beat her to the finish line, I deny it) and was carrying 9-month old Brianna at the time. She fell hard on her right side to avoid injuring Brianna who was on her left. A few hours in the ER later and we get the news that she fractured her elbow, patella (kneecap) and tibia (shinbone). So she's home and only getting around by wheelchair.

I've got chemo round #4 this week. Misery loves company so I think I'll chill out in bed with Michele while I infuse.


dakard said...

Lisa Marie,
I'm a longtime friend of Kim & Dave. Currently, undergoing treatment for stage 4 colorectal cancer, at MDACC and in Austin. I'm on round 13 of chemo. I appreciate your openness about your experience. I'd be glad to share what I've learned re: managing the many side-effects I've encountered. Am learning so much about this life, too... like that anything is possible if the spirit can imagine it. May the light of possibilities shine in front of you. Dave Akard

Leslie said...

How awesome. Wish i could have been there. I was really gonna try to get Grandma Carole there this weekend but Haileigh had her first softball tournament of the season(which she won by the way but who's counting:) Guess Markle and Maury arent so bad at coaching. Hope yall had a good visit with Kim and Dave. Tell Michelle hope she feels better. Good luck with next round. Still a praying.

Art Usher said...

Wow, Michelle really took one for the team in insuring that Brianna had a soft landing.