Sunday, March 22, 2009

Without further delay...

I promised ages ago to put together a slideshow of the family pictures we had taken in January. Finally got my act together since I was ordering myself some big canvas prints from the annual March sale. So thought I would share some favorites, some of which you've seen.

A full-size slideshow can be found on my site.

Made it through another round of chemo this week. Much the same as the last round. Some nausea, some fatigue, but both were manageable. We were supposed to add a new drug this week, but that's been postponed until after my consultation with the surgical oncologist at the end of this month.

Side note, Sean got in touch with a surgeon in Washington DC about this HIPEC surgery that I've been looking into. Not sure where this might be headed, but was amused to hear that beyond being "very selective" about his patients, this particular doctor "doesn't deal with insurance companies". In other words, cash in advance, $25k+. You can submit a claim to your insurance after the fact and hold you breath to see if they pay. Must be nice. I'm going to start deciding that I don't want to deal with fundamental aspects of my profession. I wonder if I can say I "don't deal with contracts" at work. Seems about the same.


Anonymous said...

Absolute all-choked up beauty. The pictures are fabulous and will truly be cherished. Your smiles are so warm and genuine and comforting!

As for that surgeon and his no insurance policy, what a sad, sad position. How can he offer his life-saving skills and then only make them available to those who can pay? Shame on him. Allison

Anonymous said...

Ah,all tears and smiles watching your slideshow. So beautiful. Truly amazing photos and I'm so glad you shared more of them with us.

Glad this latest chemo round seemed manageable. How does the soon-to-be birthday girl feel about getting together for a little celebration? Any plans already in the works? Look forward to seeing you soon.

StaceyEricSullivan said...

Beautiful photos! If Mayo Clinic in Minnesota does the procedure and you ever need a place to stay, please don't hesitate to drop us a line. We're just a short drive away.

Mama T said...

I'd thrown in "all presentations and business speak" to the list of things to opt out of at work.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics yet again, I can't believe how grown up Hayden looks! Heh,if the 25K is what's holding up an opportunity that you want to pursue, why don't we put together a fundraiser??? And I agree with Allison, shame on that surgeon for withholding his services from the unfortunate patients who can't afford him!!!
Auntie Carol

sarah from the suburbs said...

love, love, LOVE the slide show of pics. you are absolutely gorgeous Lisa Marie, and your family, too! i have several friends that use Chubby Foot...she does a great job!