Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Catching up...

I've been delinquent in posting, clearly I know. Occasionally, Sean asks what's going on in my life since he doesn't get updates on the internet anymore. So that's the message my friends, stop posting your life on the internet and you may have actual conversations in your house.

OK, back to your regularly scheduled program. We took the kids to Seaworld in San Antonio for Mother's Day. As you can see, we had a fun ride in the car.
We arrived early the first day for "Breakfast with Shamu". Unfortunately, Mom's clicking skills aren't what they used to be and I apparently paid for Breakfast with Shamu for sometime in late June. So we stood outside for a while until the park opened.
When the park opened, the first order of business was the Shamu coaster. Hayden rode it about 10 times in a row when he was 2 1/2. This was Trevor's first time. I think he liked it.
Feeding the dolphins is one of the best parts. They come right up to the kids. So if you can stomach holding the slimy fish, it's pretty cool.
Trevor wasn't so much for holding the slimy fish, but he's cute, so the dolphins came to visit him despite the lack of food.
Our second day, we visited the Seaworld water park. I would say a good time was had by all, but Juliette had a massive ear infection the whole trip and was running a high fever. She didn't eat the whole time and Day 2 was not her best moment. Poor thing. She's all better now.
Oh, and the nice folks at Seaworld fixed us up with a backstage tour of the beluga whales and dolphins to replace my mixed up attempt to reserve breakfast with Shamu. Ever been kissed by a Beluga whale? Super sweet animal, but nasty fish breath.

Hayden also finished another season of Little League. I remember his first season, I took pictures at every single practice and every single game. I think this season I didn't bust out the camera till the very last game. But check out the batting stance on my little Rattler. Is he ready to go pro? We are so glad to be done with t-ball and onto machine pitching.


Art Usher said...

Thanks so much for the update/posting. The children are as beautiful as ever and I am glad to see you seemed to be enjoying a few days out of town.

Mama T said...

Hey, I can't believe Hayden fell asleep in the car. You guys with the kids that sleep on the go. Sigh.

Mom Price said...

Great picture of all 5 of you together. You are looking good.

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos of such a beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

Your sea animals look a lot friendlier than the ones I was with around the same time.
Update when you can - I know one post is easier than responding to individual e-mails. Mike

Anonymous said...

Love the photos and the post- thanks for sharing. Don't know if I should show my crew the beluga kiss photos- might want to cancel our beach trip and head to San Antonio right now! Have a super Superman party!!

Anonymous said...

So great to hear from you and to see you! Yall look excellent! Glad to hear Sea World rocked. Very jealous that your kids slept so well in the car - mine didn't fare as well! Allison

cuz said...

enjoyed the post,have surely missed your blogs, but you failed to mention if you sat in the "wet zone" during the whale show??

dorothy said...

You ;ook wonderful and your family always takes such a beautiful picture. Glad you are finding time to enjoy with the kids. Will print the pictures out for Grandma.
Aunt Dorothy

Leslie said...

So glad to hear about yalls trip. And from you period!! Missed your humor. ha. You are looking good. Hope you are feeling as well. Take care. Grandma Carole sends lots of love. To all of you. I have to tell you that everytime I post:)