Thursday, June 04, 2009

Yes Y'all, We Live in Texas...

My chemo cycle is every other week, Wed - Fri infusion. So I usually lay pretty low on the Sat-Sun after my infusion. The fatigue isn't unbearable, but I try not to make any plans to leave the house for a few days. But there are exceptions to every rule. Like when the annual Pasadena Strawberry Festival falls on a chemo weekend. Times like that, you gotta suck it up and go.

The kids seriously look forward to this outing every year. This year Hayden's Sunday School teacher asked him if he went to the Rodeo Carnival and Hayden told him "No, we're saving up for the Strawberry Festival.". Anna came in from Budapest just for the Festival this year (not really, but we dragged her along). Michele just got her leg brace off and we conned her into going too. Needless to say, a splendid time was had by all. Did I mention the torrential downpour? We were not deterred.

There were scary roller coasters operated by even scarier traveling carnival workers:
1= Trevor (No Fear), 2= Logan (Perhaps a Little Fear), 3= Hayden (Pretending to be thrilled, but really ready for bigger adventures)

But as any East Texan knows, the real highlight of the Festival is the Pig Races. I took this picture of the boys waiting for the pigs to run, but when I downloaded it, I really enjoyed the guy/gal on the left side of the frame. Is that a sleeveless "Slayer" jean jacket? Seriously? We run with the best crowds.
Juliette is beyond delighted to be watching her second annual trip to the pig races. She really wasn't old enough to appreciate them last year.
And here they come spinning around the turn...those are some darn fast future slabs of bacon.
I know you're jealous. Don't worry, there's always room at the inn if you want to make a journey to Texas for next year's festival.


Anonymous said...

Just made travel arrangements for my trip in October (8-19). Still don't know when I'm actually moving back -sometime next year. I would hope it is before the next race. I would settle for pig races anyday over events with guys wearing kilts!!
Glad your finding time to get out. But don't overdo it. -M

Art Usher said...

Had I known of the event in advance I would certainly have traveled to Texas to watch my niece properly appreciate the pig races this year!!!

Carol Wilcox said...

Hilarious commentary, Lisa! Strawberry Fest reminds me a bit of the Racine County Fair in Union Grove. As usual, Juliette looks adorable. Did the boys pick the winning pig???

Anonymous said...

So fabulous! The Fajkus Five want to join you next year!!!!

Sara said...

Using the correct spelling of "y'all" is really how I remind myself that you're a true engineer at heart. (I'm pretty sure you're just as anal as I am.) :)