Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quotes from a 4-yr old...

From Trevor this morning:

"Mommy, can I pick out your clothes for work today. I promise I'll do a good job."

Looking at himself in mirror: "I'm very concerned...and very curious."

Curled up next to me in the big bed: "Mommy, I just love you."


Leslie said...

Well the last one is definately the best. My Hayden is definately my most independent(except when it comes to common sense) so I never get loving from him. So looks like Grandma Carole is coming to help your mom. Shes getting all her ducks in a row... medicines refilled, Dr Appts rescheduled.. its a production ya know. haha. Wish you all the best when you go. You continue to amaze me:) take care. Talk to ya soon

Art Usher said...

I think that you should go ahead and let Trevor pick out clothes and make sure to include a photo of that on your blog.

virginia said...

What a sweetheart that little guy is! Lisa, I think about you and pray for you often. Sending good thoughts and love your way.