Friday, July 31, 2009

Returning from the Benadryl-induced coma...

Well, we still haven't pinpointed the cause of my fever, but the good news is that it has subsided for the most part. Yesterday and today I hovered around 99.5 deg F all day, which is fine according to the doctors. They're continuing the course of antibiotics through my port in an attempt to save the port if it is the source of infection. This particular antibiotic, while not technically on my list of known allergies, makes me itch like crazy. So I get premedicated with IV Benadryl. Night night Lisa Marie. I'd say it's added 4 hours of sleep to my day.

I did have a CT scan (with rectal contrast, can you say Good Times?) yesterday to confirm that my anastamosis (the point where my bowel was reconnected) hadn't sprung a leak, causing the infection. That test showed no problems so our biggest worries have been eased significantly.

Yesterday, I thought I might be getting a cold sore on my upper lip. So I sent Art to the store for some Abreva. I was wrong, I wasn't getting a cold sore, I was getting six cold sores. I should have sent him to buy stock in Abreva (only $20 for 0.07 ounces). I'm guessing the nasty cold sore virus took advantage of my weakened immune system and decided to go crazy. Now isn't Sean sorry for all that smooching?

Today the docs told me I have neutropenia, which is basically a really low white blood count. The good news is this means the chemo is doing it's job. The bad news is I need a shot of Neupogen which, according to my brother-in-law, makes your bones ache. Again, good times.

The surgeon thinks I might get my NG tube out as early as Sunday and could potentially be discharged in the middle of next week. We're not getting our hopes up too high, but that sure would be nice.

Hayden called us this afternoon. Which was kind of surprising, given that he was at camp today.

The conversation:
Hayden: Hey Dad!
Sean (hearing background noises): Where are you?
Hayden: Dad, I finally found the phone at camp.
Sean: What do you mean you found the phone at camp?
Hayden: There's a phone in the corner of this room at camp
Sean: Why are you calling? Is your grandmother there?
Hayden: No, I just found the phone and thought I'd tell you the Yankees are on again tonight on WGN Channel 54.
Sean: Who gave you this number? Is your grandmother there?
Hayden: No, I just remembered it because I called it last night.
Sean: Well I don't think you're supposed to be on the phone at camp. Go back and play your shaving cream fight and I'll talk to you later tonight.
Hayden: OK, Goodbye.

So if my kid comes to your house, you'd better either lock up the phones or make sure you have unlimited free long distance calling. He has a real head for numbers and a love of phone conversation. Dangerous combination.


Anonymous said...

That Hayden. Does he know Anna and Vito's number? He might try that one now that he knows how the camp phone works....I love it.

Glad you are feeling better amidst the rectal contrast, Abreva, neutropenia, and Neupogen. Just continue to allow yourself all the R and R (rest and recovery) as you look toward going home.

LOve you guys. Kim

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I (and I am sure others) have been wondering what was going on up there. Glad to hear the temps are down, sorry about the cold sores and the neupogen, and REALLY hope you can get that NG tube out on Sunday. Hayden is a riot! Love you - Allison

Renée said...

I seem to remember Hayden's mother having a thing for numbers, too.

Answered prayer seems like such an understatement for this whole thing ...

The SullaVinos: said...

Wonderful news! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

With 7 fever blisters, you may need to break out the heavy artillery. Try Zovirax if the Abreva doesn't work. You'll need an rx and make sure it doesn't conflict with the other delicious cocktails you're taking. But it works like a charm and fast. Take it from me. I've had to cancel classes for some fever blister attacks in the past that were, let's say, unattractive. Julie F.

Vito said...

Fever, rectal contrast and cold sores. You might want to pace yourself and start spreading out all the fun.
Thanks for the update and sorry to hear that the benadryl will almost 100% ensure I call during a nap.
BTW: Hayden is too funny!

Anonymous said...

I am sure that you will let your doctors know about your cold sores. You may need more than abreva when cold sores attack in abundance while your immune system is fighting oter things. My prayers and love go to you and family.

Renée said...

Hey, the next time you're out of your Benadryl coma, you owe us the details on those pathology results you promised. Or make Sean write it up.

Anonymous said...

Things are sounding great. Those little set backs will go away soon. Our church prays for you daily, as we do also.

Hayden's story made my day. I have read it over and over. Need a lift. Uncle John has had a bad week. We go to the doctor on Mon. and test on Tues. LOL JD