Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Cleared for takeoff

I have a million things in my head to post but am just so very, very tired these days. But I know that some of you are checking regularly for news, so I wanted to post something.

We met with the surgeon in DC on Monday and are now gearing up for surgery on July 21. We liked the surgeon and have confidence in him. But it's still just so scary at the end of the day. I know it's what I wanted and really represents my best/only potential for long term survival, but it's just hard to say you're happy or excited about a 12 hour surgery where they remove more organs than I can name. But onward we march nonetheless, making plans, getting ready. We're in good hands both physically and spiritually.

One of the hardest things to imagine is being away from the littles for so long. At least I can count on Hayden to tell me every detail of his day on the phone. If you've ever been on the phone with him, you know what I mean. How does a father who barely says 2 words on the phone end up with a son who never stops talking? Life's little ironies.


Anonymous said...

Love and prayers to you always. good luck.

Sara said...

Thanks for the update - you're right, I've been checking! :)

Hope to see you before you leave, but if not, I wish you the best and will be thinking of you on the 21st.

Take care.

Cathy Gill said...

We pray for strength and courage in the days ahead. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Love, The Gill Family

Mama T said...

You know that I'm checking all the time for updates. Thanks for popping in to fill us in.
I wish I had a Hayden for details. I have an elder who, when asked any, ANY question, sticks to the plain and simple and answers "good". I know, better good than bad but still, to find out what's been going on, I have to phone around the 'hood to see what her friends are telling their mums.
July 21 is on our calender.
Hugs from up north,

dorothy said...

you are so very brave! the love you exude on your blog for Sean and the children must send so much positive energy to fight the tumors. you are in my prayers daily. good luck on July 21st.
Aunt Dorothy

Lynn said...

I am praying for you and your family.

virginia said...

Sending love and prayers for you every step of the way. May God bless you with your heart's desire. You amaze me.

Aunt Ginny

Geri Archibald said...

Thinking of you every day. My prayers are with you,
Love, Geri

Stacey Tovino said...

Thinking of you and your family on the 21st.