Monday, April 02, 2007

Catching up a little...I'm really behind in pictures, but here are a few. There were many bittersweet lunches in my last few weeks at the old job. I actually think I may be burned out on eating desserts! Does that seem possible. But Michele made sure I was never alone for lunch in my last weeks and tried to make sure I never spent a dime.

Birthday lunch with the girls:
Cake at home with the boys. I know you wish you could have a cool tiara like me...

Lunch with Logan (yes, Michele even came on her day off):

A few more of Logan because the dimples are too cute:

Another lunch with the girls. Getting sentimental with Michele...
Getting silly with Shelley...

Last day lunch with Michele and my pal Buck. One of us has had too many margaritas in this picture. Hint: the person who only has 4 hours left in their career throws caution to the wind. Poor Buck is sober and will be left behind to fend for himself in the hell I used to call my job.

OK, that should do it for now. T-ball pictures are updated and can be accessed with the link on the right side.

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