Friday, April 13, 2007

The plates...Last Friday was Sean's parent-helper day at Hayden's preschool. If your parent-helper day is the last day of the schoolweek, you have to bring the kids' plates home to run through the dishwasher. There are 16 plates total, 4 of each color (red, blue, yellow, and orange) of Ikea plastic plates like these:

Somehow, we lost one of the plates and so we only had 15 plates. Each plate has a child's name written on the back and we wanted to figure out whose plate was missing. We only had 3 blue plates. So Hayden says "My plate is blue, Jackson's plate is blue, Nathan's plate is blue, and Thomas' plate is blue." Lo and behold, we had blue plates for each child he named except Nathan. We decided to test this plate memory a little further. What color is Amelie's plate? "Yellow"...Correct...What color is Rachel's plate?..."Orange"...Correct...and so on and so forth until he had correctly told us what color plate every single child uses. Why in the world would someone know what color plate each of his 15 classmates uses? I had a very good memory when I was younger, but this kid blows me away. Need to take the little Rainman to Vegas to count some cards at the blackjack table.

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