Saturday, April 07, 2007

Scary Bunny?

We took the kids to the mall yesterday for the traditional picture with the Easter Bunny. We called ahead to make sure the bunny wasn't on a 2-hour break (like last year when we showed up) and they said they'd be there all day, no breaks. Of course when we showed up, he was on a break (gets pretty hot in that suit apparently and he needed a "health" break to cool off). But the kids were pretty well behaved while we were waiting:But when it's showtime, we get the classic toddler reaction from Trevor. Notice him hanging from Sean's shirt on the left side with the toddler death-grip:
Nothing would calm him, so the only shots we got were of him screaming his head off:
Hayden, meanwhile, continued his loving relationship with large costumed creatures (so far, he loves Chuck E. Cheese, Chicken Little, Mickey Mouse, and the Easter Bunny). Afterwards, he said "Trevor shouldn't be scared of the Easter Bunny. He's really soft."

We took the kids over to the Williams' Tower Water Wall afterwards and let them run around for a bit. Trevor ended up with a skinned nose and skinned knees, but enjoyed himself thoroughly. You can see both boys below with their feet off the ground as they play a little chase:

Trevor tested his balance walking down a ramp into Sean's arms. He wanted to do it over and over and over again:

Hayden got the lecture about how he's older so he's supposed to behave and listen to Mommy. This actually led to me being able to get a single picture of him almost sitting still:

Finally, I turned the timer on and tried a family shot:

All in all, a nice day.

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Vito said...

How come Sean's shirt doesn't match the boys's? You disappoint me Lisa Marie.