Friday, March 14, 2008

Never trust the silence...

The boys got up from their naps today while I was trying to make some spaghetti sauce. I already had Juliette in the Baby Bjorn, so entertaining them wasn't high on my list. But miraculously, Hayden just sat down to read a book and Trevor was quiet.

After about 15 minutes, Trevor comes be-bopping into the kitchen with the St. Patrick's day card Grandma Carole sent him today. "Mommy, is it OK if I color on this?" he asks. "Sure baby," I say, noticing he's already been at it with the blue magic marker. Then I notice that the marker goes all the way to the edges of the card. "Where were you sitting when you colored this sweetie?" I ask. "In my room," Trevor replies. UH-OH, THIS CAN'T BE GOOD.

As I try to make my way down the hall to his room, he's physically trying to block me and push me backwards, saying "No Mommy, No". So I know it's really bad, yet am somehow unprepared for what I see, which is blue magic marker all over his bedsheet, desk, cloth runner on the desk, and the CARPET.

Was it washable marker you ask? Shut up already Vito. Of course, my child ignores the 200 washable and "Color Magic" markers in the house and chooses the permanent "Mr. Sketch" scented markers I bought for him.

I will say this, Folex carpet cleaner rocks. The marker actually came out of the carpet pretty well. Second thing I must say is that Trevor is pretty sweet despite making me want to kill him about 10 times a day. I went back to my spaghetti sauce and noticed he was silent again. Turns out, he had taken the Folex and a rag and tried to get the marker off of his sheets. Which actually worked pretty well too.

But seriously, don't think that because your 2-year old isn't tugging at your shirt that you've caught a break somehow. He's just creating some larger nightmare for you to discover later.

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Mama T said...

Okay, I'm going to play the meanie, but seriously? You bought your 2 year old permanent markers and then didn't lock them up and never give them to anyone because you realized the folly of your ways. At least it (mostly) all came out!! :)