Monday, March 03, 2008


Tuesday is election day in Texas, so if you read this blog and live in Texas, get off your bottom and get out there and vote. And do some crazy caucus nonsense afterwards too. Because if I can drag my 2-month old out to a caucus at 7 pm, so can you.

Look, I'm not telling you who to vote for, just telling you to vote. But if you're really at a loss and need advice from a blog, vote for someone from Illinois. Because people from Illinois are cool. I'm from Illinois you know. And I'm clearly super-duper cool. And if you live in Budapest but are still officially residents of Texas, I hope you got your act together and submitted your absentee ballots. Slackers.


Vito said...

I don't appreciate your just assuming that we didn't vote. For all you know, we submitted our ballots weeks ago. For all you know.

We didn't, but still. We coulda.

Vito said...

Come to find out, our votes would have canceled each other out anyways since Anna agrees with you and I think people who are New Yorkers-by-Choice are cool.