Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to school...

The boys went back to school yesterday, FINALLY! It's like starting over to get them back into the routine after two+ weeks off. Hayden is actually doing better than before, no tears at drop off either day and I didn't have to shove him into the classroom and run either day.

Trevor is struggling despite my best efforts. I went into work late yesterday and today so I could drop him off myself but there was still sobbing upon my departure. Actually, he's kind of funny first. I say "It's time for mommy to go." And he says "It's time for Trevor to go too". His teacher is so sweet though, holding him and loving him through the transition. Reports were that he had a good day despite the initial tears.

Still no internet at home. I've almost given up. I used to come home and turn on the computer and check if the internet was working. Now I don't even bother. Comcast is like that boyfriend who stopped calling suddenly. At first you would check your messages and caller ID to see if he called. Then you try calling him. Then you just give up because that piece of crap loser isn't going to call. You're on your own now, you don't need him. But you still kind of miss him and you'd take him back. So screw you Comcast, we're done. Unless, of course, you want to get back together.

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