Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The whole food poisoning episode started Tuesday mid-day. Felt queasy in the morning and then was doubled over with sharp intestinal pain by lunch. Still ate some pizza and salad which I promptly donated back to the city of San Antonio's waste treatment system. Wednesday started OK, ate a few crackers in the office but they came right back up. So now I couldn't keep anything down, including my daily diet dr. Pepper fix. Incredible nauseau compounded by a splitting headache now for a 4 hour drive with the kids from San Antonio back to Houston. Thank goodness my mom was driving.

Got too dehydrated by Thurs and had to go to ER for IV fluids and was quickly settled on the road to recovery.

In the midst of it all, survived the caffeine detox/withdrawal since I couldn't keep any fluids down. So I'm free, right? Except that caffeine, she's a seductive little minx. I feel like she's calling my name every time I put my quarters in the machine to buy another bottle of water. "Come back to me...you need me..." She says.

Forget about crack, it's caffeine and the internet that are going to bring me down.

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cuz said...

I totally understand...my theory is: if you are drinking decaf..whats the point...might as well drink water...which I guess you are...ahhh but what about chocolate??? hmmmm..are you giving that up???