Thursday, January 22, 2009

A non-post

OK, so I said I'd post today, but I'm not up to it. CT scan itself went OK (if you disregard having to drink 30 oz. of barium "smoothie). But I must be allergic to the iodine contrast, because a few hours later my whole torso was bright red and incredibly itchy. And I've got a fever which adds chills and aches to my list of reasons that computer time isn't on my list tonight.

Let's just hope tomorrow is better because a certain handsome boy is turning 6 tomorrow and I want to help him have a great day.


Art Usher said...

I am sorry to learn that you got itchy after your CT scan. I hope Hayden has a wonderful birthday tomorrow and that you do not get worn down in the celebration.

With love,
Your brother

Anonymous said...

Have a great celebration tomorrow. I cannot believe he will be 6 already. Tell him we are sending him lots of love tomorrow (and a present soon). Kim and Dave

Mama T said...

Perhaps, just perhaps, there might be a birthday message for Mr. Hayden on my blog. I'll have to work extra specially hard but will do my darndest. After all, if we'd stayed there, Hayden would be Clara's only friend :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa sorry to hear you had a bad reaction to your ct.I can't believe that Hayden is going to be
6 years old .Ihope he has a great brithday and you have the energy to be able to enjoy the day.