Thursday, January 08, 2009

The path...

The oncologist just called us with the pathology results. We really haven't had time to digest it all, and you can look up with stats as well as I can, but suffice it to say the news wasn't good.

The tumor was large, about 3 cm x 4 cm. It did not penetrate the lining of the bowel, but it was almost there. 9 out of the 19 lymph nodes biopsied showed malignancies. They were able to get a clean resection of the tumor itself, both the margins were negative for cancer.

The cancer cells themselves were grade 2 out of 4, so they weren't a very high grade.

The staging is T3N2. This means stage 3 with more than 4 lymph nodes involved.

I think I'm not really in the mood for rah-rah, good cheer, pick-me-up, enthusiastic comments right now. So it's OK to say nothing at all. Maybe we'll just all have a moment of silence.


Renee said...

A moment of silence ... on our knees ... good idea.

dorothy said...

Your blog after receiving the pathology was very moving. It reminded me yet again that I am part of a family of strong women. Women who are kind, women who think the sun rises and sets on their children, women who get knocked down by life and get back up because their glass is half full with the laughter and hugs of their children on a warm summer day. I always tell my grandchildren "La familia" "What touches one of us, touches all of us."
My love & prayers to you,
Aunt Dorothy

virginia said...


I will keep silence with you in the Presence the One Who uphold us all. As we "keep vigil" with hope, may He fill you - and all of us- with His Light, Peace, and Joy.

with love and prayers for you and your family,

Aunt Ginny

Mama T said...

Well, I'll say Poo. Rot. Crap. And I might be inclined to add a few cuss words but with readers like Aunty Dorothy and Ginny, perhaps I'll let you just imagine the string of profanities flying.


Leslie said...

Okay, silent hugs and prayers coming your way from Lake Charles!! We love yall and are here. Dont know if yall have talked to Carole but she was pondering very nervously whether to call. She loves you all very much and know that she is here for whatever you need also. Hang in there and we will beat this!!!

The SullaVinos: said...

Dear Lisa,
You don't know me but I'm a former Houstonian and I love reading your blog and love your photography. I just wanted to send some big (((Hugs))) from Iowa to you and your family during this time! ~Stacey and Eric (Des Moines, Iowa)

suzybgood said...

The silence is good. All of your aunties are with you in it. I love you and keep you and your family close in my thoughts.
Auntie Suzy

suzybgood said...
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