Sunday, January 18, 2009


My friends Buck and Kerri sent a cookie bouquet the other day. Didn't know you were allowed to write such PG-13 messages on cookies.
Sweet nonetheless.

Hayden has been gone to stay with Renee and Marissa since Saturday morning. Since Monday is a school holiday, he won't be back till tomorrow. It's so much quieter without him. Trevor says he misses Hayden, but I think he's actually enjoying being the oldest for a change. As usual, Hayden doesn't seem to miss us a bit. We had a brief phone call last night, but I'd guess that was more Renee's idea than his.

Juliette's top molars have broken through. The bottom ones are still working, but thankfully the last few nights have been a little more peaceful. Hope I'm not jinxing myself by saying that out loud.

I had visitors Friday and Saturday and I think I'm still wiped out from it. I feel pretty good right now, and have even gone a few whole days Vicodin-free, but I tire really easily. Hayden's birthday is Friday and ages ago I signed up to read in his classroom in the morning. So I'm trying to gather my energy to actually do it. It's like Pee-Wee's big adventure, except without Large Marge hopefully.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Lisa Marie! I met you at Carrie Thompson's Lights in the Heights party this year. I'm so sorry about your diagnosis. Your cookie bouquet reminds me of a cross-stitch I gave my neighbor who had testicular cancer. Here is a link to it (I'm sure you can figure out which cross-stitch it was!):

He carried it with him to every chemo appointment and set the frame up on the table next to him. The nurses and other patients got a laugh out of it.
Jessica Lemmons

Renée said...

I fed Hayden a strict diet of chicken nuggets and too much TV. He may never be allowed to visit again.

He and Marissa had a great time together and got along very, very well. As we were getting in the car to take Hayden home, they both said, "Man, our weekend went by too fast!"

Lisa Marie said...

You will note that my post from yesterday didn't contain musings on anything sweet Hayden said or did yesterday. 'Cause there wasn't much to report in that area. Seriously, he had a great time, but he was soooo wiped out and sooooooo cranky. Hopefully today his mood is brighter with us.

Renée said...

I'm SORRY!!!! The weekend was supposed to be a help, not a hurt.