Wednesday, August 05, 2009

And the pain continues

So we counted down the seconds and shortly after 2:30 p.m. got another Percocet. As these pills also appeared inadequate to some of our readers some helpful advice was offered by one via phone of perhaps asking for Toradol. The phone call was well timed as shortly thereafter the doctor came by to let us know that the letter had come in from the insurance company approving the past shot (this past Friday) and two more shots of Neupogen. Lisa Marie will thus be getting two more shots in the near future. This is apparently not of great concern except at pertains to room hygience and the presence of fruit or flowers (more on that later).

Lisa Marie has continued to be listless the entire day as she struggles with pain/discomfort. On the 1-10 scale her pain has been a minimum of 6 for most of the day and has been 7 of late. So naturally Br'er Liar took advantage of the doctor's presence to begin gently lobbying in the pain relief department. Getting the song and dance about how she is now on Percocet and has to ask for it, it was necessary to cut that conversation short as rapidly as possible. So Br'er Liar rather bluntly noted that she had one pill at 10:30 a.m., another at 2:30 p.m. but was still in pain at levels of six or higher all day. Yes, yes yes being on oral medication might be necessary for her to eventually get discharged. However, Lisa Marie's pain level was preventing her from walking at all (down from 3 or more long walks a day). The no walking bit finally got through and the doctor questioned today's nurse (Brandi) and confirmed the details of past pain relief for the day. He emphasized the importance of getting up and walking when possible, even if only a little bit. At that point he said he would get right on the pain issue, and shortly thereater Brandi came in with a little pill cup with what I presume is another percocet.

Lisa Marie took her pill and managed not to vomit it back up. Due to the nausea she asked for some more Zofran. The syringe got hooked in but Lisa Marie began crying out in pain as it was being administered. So the Zofran took about 5 minutes to inject slowly. So there may be a problem with the current IV line or it may be inflammation of the vein resulting from the admininistration of medications. Brandi maintains that before the Zofran the arm was improved in color, and that it had colored somewhat in a similar fashion this morning after the administration of Benadryl. Regardless, another poking of the vein is currently underway as I type this language. Well, sort of underway as Lisa Marie's pain level must be down as she is gently remonstrating (quoting Sean, stop laughing Vito) with the very soft spoken woman of Asiatic descent. The conclusion of the story is that the IV has been successfully moved from her left arm to her right arm. Her left arm was hurting quite badly.

All in all this has been a rotten day for Lisa Marie. Yes she is probably in the home stretch we really have to hope that this second pain pill (taken at about 3:23) kicks in soon. As of 3:53 the pain does appear to have begun decreasing.

As Lisa Marie is getting more Neupogen she is banned from having fresh fruits or flowers around so all the pretty flowers are exiting the room shortly. DO NOT SEND ANY MORE FLOWERS FOR THE DURATION IN VIEW OF THE BAN ON FRESH FRUITS AND FLOWERS IN THE ROOM. Dear me, even as I type this another batch of yellow flowers are on their way into the room. . . Lisa Marie appreciates the thought even though they only add to the visitor sitting room beautification project at this point.

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