Friday, August 07, 2009

A brief update by Br'er Liar

There is little change in Lisa Marie's condition in that she continues to experience nausea and remains listless. The latter may be due to dehydration so they are continuing the influx of fluids via the IV line. From my admittedly brief observation since arriving this morning she does appear somewhat more comfortable. She is neither moaning nor openly expressing her discomfort via yelps that yesterday escaped her lips despite attempts to maintain her stoic demeanor.

On a positive note, Sean arrived safely at BWI on Thursday afternoon and was delivered to the hospital room (sans bow or wrapping paper) by 4 p.m. Sean tapped into the ring and Katy tapped out for her 5-6 hour drive home. Many thanks to Katy for her kindness in attending to Lisa Marie since last Friday.

To further attempt the window dressing of a positive attitude I note that Lisa Marie has not vomited since 2:30 a.m. (Friday morning). Moreover, for all you medical devotees out there, the vomit did not show signs of blood or any other types of discoloration evidencing a serious problem. Instead the vomit merely appears to be regurgitated bile products. Furthermore, in case we failed to mention it previously, Lisa Marie is down to one drain and despite the nausea continues to demonstrate the positive sign of being able to pass gas and/or experience bowel movements.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like maybe you are turning a curve, LM. We hope that you coninute to get more rest, have less pain and nausea, and that hydration strengthens you. I am sure Sean has great commentary about the kids to fill your day today.
Kate, thanks again so very much for your wonderful friendship to LM. Art, you also have been so such a great support. And, bro, you are one of the meds your wife needed, so hopefully, each day will bring you all to more healing and strength to head home.
We love you. Kim and Dave

Anonymous said...

I guess we we were all just blown away by LM's very quick recovery and now we are back to reality. Baby steps are good too, so take it slow while we continue to pray for you. Hope today is so much better.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Marie, you and the angels surrounding and supporting you are in my daily prayers. I'm praying your day is peaceful.

Sara said...

Hoping that this is really a turning point! Keep up the good work. :)

SullaVinos said...

From the midwest via Philly ~ Thinking of all of you and hoping that Lisa Marie's energy keeps improving and that her pain and nausea keep decreasing. Warm thoughts on a beautiful Friday afternoon. ~Stacey