Thursday, September 21, 2006

Growing up fast...We took Hayden to be fitted for a tuxedo for Miss Shelley's wedding (he's going to be the ring-bearer). We were standing there while he was being measured and there was another mom there, looked like she was getting her son fitted for some formal high school dance or something. And I just thought, wow, I'm going to blink and that's going to be me. How can he be so big already and why does he keep getting bigger everyday?

My mother (Grandma Neice) called last night and he was downstairs by himself. So he answered the phone and proceeded to have a 20 minute conversation with her. At the end I picked up the phone upstairs to eavesdrop a little. I think he finally exhausted her and she said he'd better hang up and go to bed.

Trevor's adjusting to the new nanny. He had gotten pretty used to being Claudia's "precioso bebe" and hasn't been making the transition quite as well as Hayden. But I think it will just take a little time. We'll see if she's as much of a sucker for those big blue eyes as the rest of us are.

Took some pictures of Logan and family this weekend. I'll try to paste in one of him with my boys.

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