Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It took longer than expected...I tried to run a quick errand over my lunch break today. I needed to pick up a few birthday gifts for some kiddos and thought I could pop into Toys R Us to get it done over lunch. Turns out, I'm really bad at this. One gift was more urgent than the others because we've got a b-day party Saturday. Ended up spending an hour plus just finding one gift. Here's my process in a rather stream-of-consciousness form:

"Need to get a gift for Jackson {Hayden's friend from the park and soon-to-be schoolmate, turning 4}, maybe bristle blocks would be good...Oh, they don't have bristle blocks...Maybe some Lincoln Logs...No, they're not the same as when I was a kid, plastic parts now...Here's a Fischer Price train set, that might be good...No, the box is too big, I don't know these parents yet and don't want them to think I'm trying to impress everyone by bringing the biggest gift...What about this bat and ball set with a mini pitching machine...No, I think most kids aren't as into baseball as Hayden...Here's some air rockets like Hayden has...No, they say for 10 yrs and up and mention dangerous projectiles...Don't want Jackson's mom to think I buy dangerous irresponsible toys...Here are some swords...What are you kidding? Are you the mom who buys weapons for little boys? Might as well buy the bow and arrow set."

Call Sean, maybe he has some good ideas...

Sean: "How about some baseball gear?" Me: "Already thought about that, No" Sean: "How about Lincoln Logs? Those are a classic." Me: "No" Sean: "How about {blank - insert any toy here}?" Me: "No, that says not for kids under 3" Sean: "But he's turning 4" Me: "But his little sister Evie is less than 3, don't want her to choke on anything we buy" Sean: "Well they just need to keep an eye on their kids, we have choking toys and we've got Trevor in the house" Me: "Yeah, well we're not exactly great role models." Sean: "What about a scooter? All the kids at the park like to ride Hayden's scooter." Me: "Let me check out the scooters...{20 minutes later} No, it would be irresponsible to buy the scooter without the helmet and pads. Besides, it would be the big gift that looks like we're trying to impress people."

Decide talking to Sean isn't really helping, hang up the phone and try it alone again.

Walk around the store aimlessly for another 20 minutes.

Spy a hot wheels car racer set for kids 4 and up. Buy the hot wheels and an extra set of little cars. Since I've saved $10 (relative to the scooter Sean suggested), pick up some random $10 toy at the check-out line to take home from Trevor.

Back in the office at 3:15 pm (left around 1:40 pm). Exhausted. Still have 2 more gifts to buy.

Now I know why people pay those "personal shoppers" to shop for them.

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