Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Water fun...What is it about being in the tub that brings out the smiles in kids? Trevor can be soooo cranky (most nights), but if you throw him in the tub his whole mood changes. Still, however, I'm frequently too tired to manage the effort so my boys go days before being scrubbed. Every time I get up the energy to do it, I'm left wondering why we don't spend more time in the tub. I especially love that clean fresh smell of their hair and skin after we're done. I think the big problem is the anticpated exhaustion from the wrestling match to get Trevor into a diaper and pajamas after we're done. If I had a better sense of humor in the evenings, I'd probably have more appreciation for the giggling naked baby running through the house. Trevor is loving the telephone now. Which can be a little dicey since if you give it to him to play with, there's a decent chance he'll manage to pull up some phone number from the directory or caller ID and actually call someone. Which usually means I'll have to actually speak to whoever he calls. And anyone who knows me is aware that evening phone chat isn't my strong suit. But who can deprive this cutie of a chance to play with his new favorite toy?

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