Sunday, August 26, 2007

20 weeks...that's halfway by everyone's standards...

I had quite the humbling experience today. We had the introductory family picnic at Hayden's school. There are 4 other pregnant moms and only me and one other mom are wearing maternity clothes. And we're all on our 3rd pregnancies at about the same gestation. So why isn't everyone popping out like me? I couldn't dream of wearing regular clothes anymore. Oh well, I guess it just means I get more usage out of my ridiculously-priced but poorly-made maternity wardrobe. Which by the way, includes something other than a black tank top and black pants in case you are misled by the photos.

We wrote a contract on a house this weekend. Now we're just hoping for a little compromise from the seller. They've only been willing to come down 0.9% from their asking price so far and we're asking them to bend a little more (twice that much, to be precise). So I'm not sure what we should all be hoping for, but we may soon be the proud owners of three kids and two mortgages. Won't that be fun? Especially given my plan for an 8-month, mostly unpaid, maternity leave. I'm sure we won't have any trouble selling a dime-a-dozen townhouse in Midtown, right? Ssshhhh, don't let reality spoil my little fantasy of 2,700 sqaure feet with a backyard in a good school district.

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