Monday, August 06, 2007

Negative...and that's positive...The doctor's office called me today with the results of my triple screen test and said that everything was negative. Which is good news. My OB had me convinced that due to my "advanced maternal age" I should expect a positive result indicating the potential for some type of chromosonal abnormality or neural tube defect. So he wanted me to go ahead and schedule an amniocentesis so we could follow-up. There are varying claims on the %age of amniocentesis tests that cause miscarriage. Some stats say 1%, others say 0.5%. My doctor claims 1 in 400. Still, I wasn't totally bought in on taking the risk. And the stupid perinatologist's office where I was supposed to schedule the test couldn't fit me in for 3 weeks anyway, and you're supposed to have the thing during your 17th week. So anyways, crisis averted. No doom and gloom. No 8 inch needle into my abdomen. Only one downside: the amnio would have given 100% confirmation on the baby's gender. But I don't need the amnio to tell me. I believe the ultrasound. Oh, didn't I tell you yet? You'll just have to wait in suspense a little longer. :-)

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Wait? For what? COME ON!!