Sunday, August 19, 2007

A visit from the teachers...
I could write a long list about the things I love about Hayden's preschool, but one of my favorites is that the teachers come to visit the students at home before school starts. That way, the students already feel like they have a personal relationship with the teacher when school starts, and the anxiety is eased a bit. And they take pictures of your kid at home and have them displayed in various spots in the classroom so they feel like they already belong on day 1.

Here's Hayden looking out the window waiting for his teachers:
Trevor was pretty excited about their impending arrival too, even though he has another year before he'll start school.
"They're here Mommy! I see Miss Linda and Miss Beth!"
Here's my soon-to-be Apple (his class is the Apple class, last year was Acorns) mugging for a photo with Miss Beth and Miss Linda:
I think our Apple year will be just great. Hayden can't wait for school to start.

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J. said...

Lisa Marie, I live close by and wanted to thank you for posting the positive comments about PoeCo in your blog. It's almost time to apply . . . my twins will start next fall. Looks like fun!